About Me

About Me

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

I grew up in NYC and am 100% Italian so food has always been so important to me. I love growing it, cooking it and I love the way it brings people together. From a very young age, I've been infatuated with nature and healing the body naturally. I worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the beauty and film/tv industries for over 10 years in NYC and Los Angeles. I have also become very knowledgeable about skin health and green (organic/natural) beauty products.

As a holistic health coach, I am now able to use all of my passions, knowledge, and skills acquired along my journey to help empower people to become their most balanced, healthy, WHOLE selves!

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband, Taylor, my baby boy, Wilder and my 3 dogs.

Some more passions of mine are: botany, traveling, photography and yoga.