• Halfway There


    And welcome to my first ever blog!

    In my blogs I will talk about all things health and wellness related. I am a green beauty, nature, botany, yoga loving hair stylist and makeup artist, so I'm sure I'll be talking about those things as well. 

    Thats right, I am a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who has become health coach!

    Last July I decided to make my passion and calling to be a health coach more then just a dream of mine.

    And it has been quite an adventure.

    I am currently enrolled in IIN (the Integrative Institute of Nutrition) and its safe to say since July my life has changed tremendously.

    My husband and I decided to move to Nashville, TN right before we found out that we are having a baby. JOY! So not only am I half way through school and starting a brand new business, I am half way through my pregnancy as well. 

    In the past you would find me onset making movies in the woods somewhere in West Virginia, running around NYC like a mad woman, hot yogaing, going out, eating out and living a very fast paced life. 

    Nowadays my life looks completely different. Besides growing a baby, being in school and being distracted by my 3 dogs, I am starting this brand new chapter of health coaching. And nothing has made me happier. There is something about that... stepping into your calling where everything aligns perfectly.

    My goal was always to make people feel beautiful, not by hiding who they are but showing who they are through the art of makeup and hairstyling. I love that moment right before an actor goes onto set and putting the finishing touches on the character you've helped create. Health coaching is very similar. Whether I am helping a woman learn how to apply a lipstick color that helps her see her true beauty. Or when I'm working with an actor, director or a wardrobe stylist, I am helping to create something from a vision. Or sometimes I'm helping someone discover something that's already there. And that's what health coaching is, it's working with another human, looking past all of their layers, seeing who they are and helping to bring that out. Just like helping to create a character from a vision, I will be helping people to achieve a goal that is a vision of something that was created by them or us together. 

    I'm marking today as the halfway point to the finish line.

    So I thought today would be the perfect day to start a blog. Why not right? A new baby, a new business and lots of adventures ahead!

    I promise to keep my blogs short, full of cool tips, and tons of information that you will want to know (trust me).

    Check back in Tuesday for a juicy nutrition talk!