• Energy: Coffee vs Juice

    Energy: Coffee vs Juice

    Happy Tuesday! 

    Today I want to talk a little about a topic that might make you want to cover your ears - Coffee vs Juice, and which is better for energy.

    When we think of morning time energy or a mid-day pick me up we think COFFEE. And that's not a bad thing. Who doesn't love the smell, the taste and the whole routine of it...but is it damaging us?

    The average American consumes 3.5 cups of coffee a day. And most of the time it is consumed with sugar and dairy additives= double trouble. But even alone, just the caffeine, what is it doing to our body?

    Well there is actually no energy in caffeine. What caffeine does is it pumps adreneline into the body via our adrenal glands and gets them working in an unnatural way, a way that they really weren't created for which causes adrenal stress and exhaustion. Some symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include: difficulty waking up in the morning, inability to handle stress, regular and unexplained fatigue, cravings for sweets, depression, insomnia and a weakened immune system. Too much caffeine also leads to sleeplessness and disrupted sleep cycles, gastrointestional problems, blood sugar swings, irritability, nutritional deficiencies, aging, kidney and bladder problems, infertility, it worsens PMS and elevates stress. And that's a short version. Now, there are a few benefits as well like: it increases alertness and concentration, it has some antioxidents (no more than you can get from a few blueberries though!), it's a diuretic and it can help reduce asthma. 

    Don't worry! I'm not posting this to tell you to cut out coffee for life, but maybe switch it up a bit and swap it out for a juice every now and then. I can't help but notice the correlation between the relience of caffeine in our day and the health issues that I mentioned above. So I want to educate people and offer options. 

    Now, let's talk about juice.

    Not Tropicana or Welch's juice, I'm talking cold pressed, fresh pressed juice from organic fruits and vegetables with no additives. 

    Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert energy from the sun. Basically, they create an organic molecule that they use as fuel, from light. Which means they contain actual energy from the purest, most powerful source: THE SUN. How cool is that?! That means when you eat plants (friuts and veggies) you are consuming energy. Glorious! 

    Now juicing them has it's own magnificent benefits. 

    When you juice, you're taking out the fibers of the food and getting pure nutrient power that is absorbed much easier. 

    Some benefits include: increased energy levels, clearer thinking, glowing skin and eyes, improved appetite control, stronger hair and nails, and strengthened immune system. Juicing also heals multiple stomach related issues, detoxifies the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder, it balances hormones, aids in weight loss, reduces bloating, and alkalizes the body which can cure and prevent disease.


    Juice bars are on the rise now due to the high demand of people wanting healthy options available. Lucky us! Always remeber to buy cold pressed which means it wasn't heated. When the juice is heated all of the yummy nutrients are destroyed. You can also juice at home and experiment on what you like and what works for you! 

    Check in next Tuesday to hear about a topic that I'm very passionate about.

    I wish you a happy, healthy and energized week!