• What's On Your Plate?

    Dare I say the word, VEGAN?! 

    Veganism has a bad name so I am going to say plant based. And saying plant based really is more to the point than saying vegan. 

    Have you ever known someone who has suffered from or even lost their life to diabetes, heart disease, cancer or complications caused by these illnesses? These diseases are the leading cause of death in America and they are all food related. That's right. The #1 cause of death in America is food related. Along with obesity which is at an all time high. 1 in 5 deaths in America is caused by obesity

    What we eat literally becomes us. When we take a bite of food it doesn't just go into our stomach and get digested, the food gets absorbed into our blood and goes deep into our cells. It affects our organsour genes, our skin, our hair, our eyes, our bones, our aging process, our weight and our future

    All animal products contain a certain fat that gets trapped in our cells, and has tremendous negative effects on the body. I won't get too scientific right now but, I will say that these fats are only found in animal products, so cutting them out will reduce the risk of these illnesses almost completely. These days the treatment of animals, how they are raised and what is done to them behind closed doors is worse for our health than the fats themselves. Another reason to cut them out. 

    More reasons are that they are highly acidic which is linked to cancer and other health issues. Our stomach is curved, so we don't ever really break down the animal products because they do not contain any fiber, causing them to get trapped in our stomach. The fat also builds up in our fat cells and start producing their own hormones and we get that stubborn fat that is so hard to lose. They contain high levels of toxins that never fully pass through and get trapped in our kidneys and cells. Another reason to cut them out is environmental issues, which I won't get into, but we can stop and reduce climate change to the point of restoration if we all took on a plant based diet.

    Even cutting down on animal products will help.

    Now what do we replace them with? Plant foods! That's where the term plant based comes in. That is all the vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds that you can imagine at the base of your diet.

     A plant based diet will reduce with pain because of it's anti inflammatory effects. It will also boost your immune system (hello not getting sick!), it will flush out your kidneys and liver, balance hormones, balance your thyroid, it will help your reproductive organs, slow down the aging process, cure acne, reduce stress, promote mental clarity and will dramatically help with weight management. My eye sight even got better after going plant based! Not to mention chronic stomach issues that doctors couldn't even diagnose. Hormonal weight gain, acne and mood swings are now a thing of the past since I switched over.

     When you consume foods that have positive health benefits you not only reduce the risk of getting sick you reverse the effects of what you may have consumed in the past. 

    Plant foods are proven to heal, cure and prevent this epidemic of sickness and disease that has taken over the country. 

    The good news is that we have control over this. Even if you cut down your consumption of animal products in half (must be organic and pasture raised to avoid factory farmed products) you still will reduce the risks! 

    Food is suppose to nourish us and keep us alive, not the opposite. 

    Now let's talk about the fun stuff. Eating plant based seems very restricting to someone who relies on animal foods and processed foods. But the truth is that there is nothing more freeing! Living in the mindset of  "I can eat whatever I want" is actually living in a trap. A trap of eating foods that were designed to keep you addicted and intended to keep you sick and not feeling good

    For example, when we choose to feed ourselves well we are free of being sluggish for no reason, and we are free from the need of caffeine and sugar because we received our energy from plants. We won't rely on medicine to make us feel better because our food is our medicine.

    You're never heard anyone feeling awful after eating a bowl of nourishing plant based food. You may have heard their positivity, energy and desire to keep eating that way though. 

    When you eat plant based your stomach and even your tongue becomes more pure, and you will taste things you've never tasted before. Talk about freeing! You will be experimenting with vegetables you've never tried, combinations of food that you would have never thought you would. Living that way, you are setting yourself totally free. You will even start to crave these things! You will be free of cravings that make you feel awful after and you will experience what it's like to truly connect to your body and listen to what it's asking for. 

    Eating well is a gift that only you can give yourself. Sometimes it takes effort and sacrifice, but you are worthy of the benefits from that sacrifice. Your future is too. 

    And YES, you will get enough iron, protein and B vitamins! Remember, plants have protein! When you eat plant foods they contain all of the proteins and nutrients found in animal products, plus way more and in a purer form. Plus you'll get these nutrients first hand instead of being filtered through an animal. Kale contains more calcium than milk, pumpkin seeds have more iron than red meat and legumes have more protein than animal flesh per gram. Where do you think the animals get their protein from? Plants! And Americans consume wayyy too much protein. So eating plant foods is a sure way to make sure you're getting just the right amount. I'll say that agin, if you eat a variety of plant foods you will be lacking nothing.

    My goal is to help people feel free and whole. On my website you'll find recipes that are all plant based, I also offer a cooking class to veganize your favorite dishes and products. 

    Remember to always choose whole, organic foods and avoid any packaged foods with words that you can't pronounce.

    I wish you a happy week and I hope that I have inspired you to make some plant based meals this week. 

    Next Tuesday I'll be talking organics!