• Living Hormoneiously pt.1

    Living Hormoneiously pt.1

    H o r m o n e s/ 

    Something you probably haven't thought about since you were a teen, perhaps, but today I want to tell you about hormones and how they play a huge part in our lives at all ages. This topic is heavy and there is so much to go into so I'll do this blog in 2 parts. 

    The messed up thing is that most people are suffering with a hormone imbalance without even knowing it. Often a misdiagnosis of sympotoms or the hormone imbalance is what started to throw off your health and has spread to other places causing other issues.

    It's usually the last thing we think of when something is off. Hormonal imbalance symptoms are different for everyone. Some include depression, infertility, acne, stomach issues, infrequent periods, headaches, weight gain for no reason, in ability to lose weight no matter how hard you try, fatigue, dwindling libido, mood swings, thyroid imbalance, diabetes and SO much more. Some are super sneaky and the most common one is estrogen overproduction ( which I will talk about next time ). Most people just think it's normal to feel that way. 

    Ok so the body is made up of 50 trillion cells. 50 TRILLLION! It's hard to even fathom that number.

    Those 50 trillion cells can only work properly when proper nutrients are present. 

    So everything you eat, feel and do affects these cells. I know that sounds like a lot of presssure but if you think about it, it's very freeing because we have full control. Every single second we get to choose what we feed ourselves. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

    It's a good thing!

    For now I won't get into the different hormones and how they affect our body, I'll save that for you ( otherwise this would be a crazy long blog )

    For now, I will start by giving some examples of hormones disrupters:

    -Plastics - the stuff we eat and drink out of 

    -Chemicals found in food, hair and skin products

    -Non-organic foods




    -Processed foods

    -Animal fat aka toxic fat  

    -Air quality 

    -Your thoughts toward yourself

    -What you think in general

    I'll go into the stress part:

    Our nervous system has 2 sections:

    CNS which is the central nervous system. 


    ANS which is subconcious, it controls your heartbeat, breathing, bleeding, nails and hair growth, stuff like that.

    now there are 2 more subsections: 

    SNS which is the red zone aka stress zone 


    PNS which is the green zone aka the rest and repair zone

    Now our body makes a decision every second on what fuel to use, and there are 2 options: glucose or fat

    When you are living in the red zone, which unfortunately most people are, your body is always communicating that it is in danger and uses the fast burning fuel, glucose. And if you haven't eaten in a while, your body stores up extra glucose just so it has enough. There for your blood sugar goes up. You will also gain weight becuase your body is holding on to the fat in your body because it thinks it will need it because of the " danger " that it's in! This can also happen when we don't feed ourselves proper nutrients or skip meals, have too much caffeine, especially skipping meals while stressed while having caffeine. Something I am quite fimiliar with.. on the days I was stressed the most I would skip meals and replace them with COFFEE! Yikes, no more! 

    When you are living in the green zone, your body will use fat as fuel. And when you feed your body properly it will use all of the nutrients needed to create balance. 

    I mentioned before how what we think has an effect on us as well. When we are constantly thinking negative thoughts, creating problems in our brain, over analyzing and feeling negatively about our body, that can affect us SO much. 

    Your cells don't know the difference between what you're thinking and what is actually happening, so if your brain is filled with drama, and problems and scenarios that may not even be happening, but living inside of you brain only, it's living in your cells too. The RED ZONE.

    Your brain and body loves you so much, so it is constantly working to agree with you. So when you tell your self negative things, like " oh I think that was a negative comment toward me" or "I'm fat" or  "I'm not good enough", then...

    ...Your brain will actually work with you to point out how true that is, creating scenarios that aren't true! Just to prove you right! because it looooves you. 

    Now you see how important it is to say nice things about yourself?!

    And about other people, and to not overthink or overanalyze?

    If you tell yourself nice things, breathe deeply, live with love for others in your heart instead of judgement and insecurity, you immediately tell your body to make the decision into the green zone. 

    Other ways to live in the green zone are meditation, deep breathing exercises, Bikram yoga, prayer and postitive affirmations. Prayer is my favorite because I am instantly reminded how wonderfully made I am. 

    Those are some examples on how life style is more important than food sometimes, but if you want some balancing food recommendations here ya go!

    Kale, cauliflour, broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, filtered PURE water, not from a plastic bottle and not tap, kicking plastics altogether ( switch to glass ), kicking processed foods, alcohol, refined sugar, meats and dairy and adding in lots of whole, organic, real food. Not skipping meals and eating 3 actual meals a day in a calm non-rushed enviornment is key too! 

    Next blog will be part 2 of the HORMONE talk so stay tuned!

    I hope you have a balanced, love-filled day!